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The shift in consumer buying habits can be the BEST thing that could ever happen to your business if you leverage Social Media channels properly with good content.


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Many business owners have paid dearly for websites and marketing campaigns that don’t generate revenue. Why? Because unless you are targeting the right audience with engaging content, you are wasting time energy and money!

Since 2009 we have been producing videos and developing a Social Media following that you can become a part of.

Our content distribution channels now reach over 100,000 followers and we make it affordable for select businesses we work with

It’s A Jungle Out There!


One thing we have learned in the past 8 years is that, when it comes to marketing your business online, there are so many options that a small business owner is in a state of confusion today.

With so many advertising choices and mixed signals coming from everywhere and many small business owners already having a tough time making ends meet, where should you concentrate your efforts today?

There are variances to this chart according to your demographics as to your product or service but, consider these graphics from a recent study conducted by Marketingprofs.com and Content Marketing Institute as a general rule:

With all the confusion out there, 2 things are certain without question.

Consumers are on mobile devices and they are watching video!


Video is the single most important strategy in content marketing today. Whether it’s visitors going to your website or if you’re running promotional campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or Pinterest, the content you need to be creating and marketing on social is video if you want to deliver your message in today’s world.

It doesn’t matter what type of business you are in, if you don’t have a video marketing strategy, you are losing out.


In an ocean of media and content hitting the consumer daily, knowing how to reach 30-45 year old business owners on the Pacific Coast versus retirees in South Florida can make all the difference when it comes to conversions (a visitor becoming a customer).

We only make money on results that we bring to the table from our efforts, results that bring you new customers!


 We prefer working with you as a business partner , and we’ll Invest our time and expertise in Your Business. You as the business owner run the business and we’ll bring in the new customers. We only make money on results, results that bring you new customers.

We only make money on results that we bring to the table from our efforts, results that bring you new customers!


In today’s world, most consumers already have an idea what they want when they connect with a business, why?, because most have already done some online research or read about it somewhere on Social Media.

If you want to keep the doors open, it’s time the small business operator has a viable online presence.


We offer a variety of services ranging from web development to graphic design and online marketing for small businesses on a tight budget.

We Can Take Care Of Your Task


With the internet now playing a major role on how to get a consumer to look your way, the majority are doing 2 things when they connect with your business today, price shopping or trying to get a payment plan in place. 

If your average price point is a minimum of $500, not having a financing solution in place is costing you sales. We are a marketing firm, not a financial institution of any kind. However, we do study the market and know that to convert a visitor into a customer today, a business must provide a path to the purchasing process that is simple, quick and easy.

Start Closing Sales Faster


Most business owners want to engage in social media but find it to be a full time job.  Hiring full time employees to administrate the channels is out of reach for a small operation but believe it or not, social media is more important than most of you realize.  More consumers are now relying on social media comments, reviews and suggestions before making any kind of purchase today.

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