Guide your visitors step-by-step through the entire sales process (so they don’t get confused or LOST, and leave)

​Point your customer straight to the ONE product or service they need most to help solve their problem!

BizKits is an easy way to get your Branding, Content Creation, Marketing and Sales handled without the hassle of adding to your staff.

To reach your marketing goals takes special skill sets today, our team stays on top of technology so you don’t have to.

Everything you need to be an online powerhouse is right here!

BizKITS is like hiring a full team of people that are up to speed with technology but, without the headaches and expense.

Plus, you can pick up the phone and connect with us when you need to.

  • Lead Generation (Sales Funnels/Email List Building)
  • E-commerce (With Upsells For Your Products/Services)

  • Video/Social Media Marketing

  • Content Creation

  • Video Commercials


In an ocean of media and content hitting the consumer daily, knowing how to reach 30-45 year old business owners on the Pacific Coast versus retirees in South Florida can make all the difference when it comes to conversions (a visitor becoming a customer).

We only make money on results that we bring to the table from our efforts, results that bring you new customers!

 Gone are the days of Conventional Websites

For many types of products and services, a process is required to get consumers to take action.

Social Media engagement, Ad Retargeting, and email communication are mandatory to get them to move on your products or service.

In Today’s World, Online Marketing

has become a Process… 

It All Starts With YOUR CONTENT!

But, are you sending people to a cluttered website or the specific offer that they were interested in to begin with?

BizKITS Sites

BizKITS are Marketing Systems designed to convert today’s savvy consumer into a customer

See Some Of Our Examples Below


Truck Repair

Leads and Lending


As your online marketing partner 

Your products/services on search engines using targeted keywords is just the start. We want to ensure that if someone searches online in your area for products/services your company provides that you come up as one of the first options for them to contact.

We simply offer a turnkey solution to online marketing for any local business. We submit the lead Generation site to over 200 search engines, create directory listings, optimize map listings, create social media profiles for the business, integrate anything we can find about your company online that will help promote your business.

We build a mobile phone friendly landing page that will be promoted on your behalf. We will track everything from phone calls, emails as well as Social Media engagement with reports.

In a nutshell, you not only have an Ad Agency but a Business Development Center (BBC).

First, we’ll research the most dynamic search phrase (s) according to your market. We’ll provide everything including managing the campaigns, all you have to do is deal with potential customers.

For your local marketing process, we’ll start with 2 videos, one being around 30 seconds and the second under 60 since video produces the best conversion rate today.

As our good friend Tim Burt (Commercial Professor) would say, don’t tell me about the labor pains just show me the baby!

However, for the ones that would like to see what goes on with developing your Lead Generation System that would normally run you 10’s of thousands of dollars to achieve (not counting Social Media). Click Here

Startup Cost to build out Lead Generation System depends on several factors:

Keywords (are you selling “weight loss products” or “yo-yo’s”)

Demographics (are you marketing to consumers that make over 50K a year?)

Targeting the Exact Audience (are you marketing to millennials or baby boomers)

As a Partner in our Program…

Campaign development cost are discounted to our partners we take on. what could cost 20K to setup and 2-10K a month to operate, our approved partners would only pay a fraction of that with an agreed upon commission paid to us for each lead/sale.


What we do:

Market research

Content Creation includes video commercials, social media post, HD images.

Email list building (optional)

Provide Sales pages (funnels)

Lead Generation on YouTube, Facebook Ads with retargeting, Adwords campaigns until first-page ranking (SEO)  up to 100 local zip code areas.

Brand Building on Social Media (100K+ Twitter followers on multiple accounts that include Pinterest, Instagram on the organic side)

Domination of a Market Area as we move forward

Complete analytics reporting

What you need to do as the operator of your Brand:

Give us a budget to work with

Provide content (sales, specials, photos, etc)

Do what you do best…Take care of your customers

Partner Opportunity

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